Ashley Castro


   Arts have always been a big part of Ashley's life. Ashley's passion for dance started in grade school, dance night was always her favorite night of the week. She looked forward to learning and dancing with her friends. Ashley danced throughout high school under several instructors experienced in tap, hip hop, ballet, jazz, and contemporary. She has been in a handful of dance competitions and taken a various number of classes ranging in styles and instructors. She continues her dance education to this day.

   Ashley took over dance classes from her former dance teacher in 2015. In 2018, she moved to her business to it's second location. Ashley has choreographed for several productions and special events. Ashley also choreographs the dances for her classes each season for her 90+ students. Along with dancing, she also has a passion for painting. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember. Ashley was taught by her mother, a professional artist. 

  She is married to her husband Eduardo, and they have one son, Aiden. When she's not teaching you can find her out biking/walking with her family or drinking coffee and eating cookies.

Ashley knows that art is more than just learning technique, it's about building confidence. You can feel her love for children and art in the classes she teaches. She shares her joy for the arts while providing a place where kids can have fun, feel welcomed, and let their creativity be seen - whether that is painting, dancing, drawing, crafting, face painting, or all of the above!